Oki Doki City Hostel, Warsaw, Poland

Creating the perfect atmosphere is one of the trickiest challenges that any hostel faces. Some guests want a party vibe, some want something more relaxed, and it’s the hostel’s job to somehow offer both. Very rarely does everyone leave happy – either the quieter guests say it was far too rowdy, or the party guests say that the hostel was dead. It’s a classic catch 22.

Oki Doki has been on the Warsaw hostel scene for a good 14 years now. In that time the hostel has made a point of achieving that exact goal – providing an atmosphere that is at once party-time and peaceful. So how have they done?

Oki Doki (a great name, by the way) finds itself in a beautiful old stone building that features a monstrous entrance hall and one of the grander staircases that any hostel can boast. Reception is found by winding your way up the marble to the second floor, where you’ll be met by bright colours and even brighter smiles.

The well stocked bar

To call the Oki Doki staff helpful and welcoming would be a massive understatement – everyone seems to love what they do, and also come across super eager to introduce new travellers to their city. I personally guarantee that you’ll instantly feel at home.

The dorms are all crisp, fresh and roomy, with towel and security lockers thrown in for free. Many come with their own ensuites and look out onto a park in the centre of Warsaw. The lower floor rooms were all getting a fresh lick of paint while I was there, and were already looking spectacular.


But where Oki Doki excels is in its ability to bring people together – a hostel trait that this dude thinks is probably more important than any other. There’s a bar situated on the third level that offers a generous happy hour every night, and activities every weekday. While I couldn’t be pulled up onto the stage for the karaoke, the pub quiz night was right up my alley. Handily the bar is situated on its own level, the dorms are all soundproofed, and the Oki Doki staff take everyone out on the town come midnight on the weekends, so while the partying is delightful, so too is the sleeping.

And for the morning after there’s a nice chillout area situated adjacent to the reception desk, stacked with super comfy couches and more power sockets than you can shake a plug at – perfect for the therapeutic mindless scrolling that every hungover Harry needs the day after.

The super cool graffiti is continually added to

In short, Oki Doki just does everything well. Location: tick. Cleanliness: tick. Comfort: tick. It’s one of the very best allrounder hostels that I’ve stayed in, and I’ve stayed in a few.

The team at Oki Doki have tried to create a hostel with the perfect balance between party and peaceful. And bloody hell, I think they’ve done it.

If you’re keen to check out what Oki Doki is all about, hit up their website or Facebook page.

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