Oooooo Let’s get out of here now… (Sydney, Australia)

We’ve made it to Sydney! Our flight to LA has been delayed by an hour so hopefully it’ll mean we can spend the last of our Aussie dollars on some overpriced food and another beer.

I’ve got an overwhelming feeling of forgetting something, but Mum’s old adage of ‘as long as you’ve got a passport and a credit card you can sort out the rest’ is ringing in my ears.

Fish has taken me out for one last dinner. The irony of it being Maccas is not lost on me.


Ok, we’ve got to get on this plane to fly back to this afternoon.


PS: the title of this blog is from Les Savy Fav ‘Let’s Get Out If Here’ which has been our theme song today. You thought I’d use Leaving On A Jet Plane?! Pfft! It’s not gonna be that obvious…

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