El Hostelito, Quito, Ecuador

Pods guys. In the future we’re all going to be taking tablets that are whole meals, having robots make us waffles, and sleeping in freakin’ pods.

27-year-old Quito local Cris is a traveller. She’s slept in her fair share of 12 bed dorms. She’s seen the plight of the girl with the 5am flight trying her level-headed best to get some shut-eye before morning. She’s seen the couple who haven’t shared a bed in 3 months trying to manufacture a bit of privacy with some strategically hung towels. And her heart has gone out to these strugglers.

‘How do I make this backpacker’s world a better place?’, she presumably thought to herself.

Going into a partnership with her mum, Cris created El Hostelito Quito. And it is, if you will excuse the French, fucking magnificent.

Quito can be a little bit touch-and-go in certain places. Hostelito is located 1km north of the normal hostel/party/slightly dodgy area of La Mariscal, giving it a location that is near enough to the hotspots, but far enough to be away from the often-too-friendly junkies.

When you walk up the stairs and through the front office, you’re greeted by a freshly manicured common room that wouldn’t look out of place at a football player’s summer house. With foosball and pool tables, hanging chairs and reading nooks, and a rockin’ home theatre area, you’re gunna have a fine time in Quito even if you don’t see any of Quito. The Feng Shui must be millimetre perfect, because the vibe is Marley-18-joints-deep style relaxed.

Have a look at a crook book in the nook
Have a look at a crook book in the nook you sook

Do you enjoy your morning coffee surrounded by hummingbirds? If you said no to that question, you can stick it up your jumper. The backyard and kitchen is also on this level, which produces, in exchange for $3.50, a 5-star start to your day. Brekky includes an awesome variety of morning foodstuffs, and a coffee that, by South American standards, is to die for.

The bathrooms are dead set the cleanest we’ve come across since we left Australia. Every surface looks as though it’s ready to have a steak cut on it. Even the toilet bowl. I’m not joking. Provide me with a nice cut of steak and cook it medium-rare, and you can just pop it on the porcelain.

Upstairs you’ve got the roof terrace. The benefit of not being La Mariscal is once again evident here, as you’re provided with almost uninterrupted views of Quito’s valley and surrounds. The centrepiece is the couch and shade structure that has been made out of old pallets. It’s as comfy as it is charming.

Cute date tip #2319: Take her here for guaranteed smooches
Cute date tip #2319: Take her here for guaranteed smooches

But all this is just gravy on a well-cooked roast. The dorms are where Hostelito does its best afterhours work, and we haven’t seen anything quite like them.

The pods maybe take up half of the room space, and are styled with a nice timber veneer and black curtain. Stacked 2 high bunkbed-style, there is plenty of room left for activities. You’ve got a choice of a single, or a very comfortable double. The assumption that many a claustrophobe may have about this sort of setup can be forgotten. It’s super roomy and the pillows smell like fucking Christmas.

Powerpoints and bench space are all thrown in there, and at no extra cost you’ll get a stupidly large – bordering on walk-in wardrobe – storage locker.

It may be prudent for me to note here that the curtains, despite what your boozed up and highly repressed sexual urges might be telling you, are nowhere near soundproof. Just because you can’t see your room-mates, doesn’t mean they can’t hear you. If you’re looking for a bit of couple’s merriment, just book a friggin’ hotel room you randy bastards.

Why would anyone ever not sleep in a pod? These are the questions
Why would anyone ever not sleep in a pod? This is the question

Anyways, all in all, it is impossible to mark down Hostelito in any way. I take my hat off to Cris massively, as it’s sort of remarkable that at our age, she’s managed to open up her own hostel and just absolutely nail it first time.

If you’re in Quito and need a place to rest your weary head, whether you’re single or in a couple, a hostel rat or a 5-star-hotel only operator, give Hostelito a go. I can guarantee you won’t leave disappointed.

You can contact Hostelito via their website or facebook page.

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